Let’s fight super-bugs together: Infection Control Talk – 28 January 2015

Let’s fight super-bugs together: Infection Control Talk – 28 January 2015
20 January 2015

HELPING reduce the risk of infection in hospitals is a top priority for staff at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

On Wednesday 28th January 2015, 2–3pm the Trust’s Lead Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control will be hosting an Infection Control event and presentation at the education centre at The Royal Oldham Hospital. The event is FREE and open to the general public, staff and public FT members.

The event is part of the Trust’s series of Medicine for Members’ events. 

The prevention and control of infection and patient safety is taken very seriously by the Trust which runs North Manchester and Fairfield General Hospitals, The Royal Oldham Hospital and Rochdale Infirmary. 

Germs can be brought into wards and units by anyone and they can be spread to other people. The Trust has a dedicated infection prevention and control team which takes a proactive approach to prevent the micro-organisms that cause infections becoming established in the Trust’s hospitals. This includes MRSA and Clostridium Difficile.

Florence Nightingale was seen as the first infection control nurse, as when she was nursing in the Crimean war in 1820, she recognised the benefits of cleanliness, good ventilation and the collection of data on infections.

The talk will cover the role of the Infection Prevention and Control Nursing Team, the strategies used to prevent healthcare acquired infections including; MRSA Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff), Norovirus, and the emerging resistance to antibiotics faced in hospitals today. 


The presentation will also talk about the Trust’s Ebola preparedness and the management of any suspected Ebola patients who attend the Trust’s hospitals.

The Trust’s Infectious Diseases Unit at North Manchester General Hospital is a specialist unit that has been designated as a primary receiving centre for any suspected Ebola patients in Greater Manchester. The Trust has robust plans in place which have been tested to deal with any suspected or positive cases

Claire Chadwick, Lead Nurse Infection Prevention and Control at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said:

“The role of infection prevention and control today involves all aspects of hospital care and services, including ventilation, water systems, design of new wards and departments, instrument sterile services, cleaning and disinfection of wards and clinical departments, as well as training our nursing and medical staff in asepsis procedures and safe isolation of patients with infections.

“The event will give delegates the opportunity to find out more about infection prevention and control services in hospitals, emerging antibiotic resistance and how Pennine Acute Trust has successfully reduced healthcare acquired infections.” 

‘Medicine for Members’ events are free and are held regularly at the Trust’s four hospital sites to give the public, staff and the FT members the opportunity to learn more about the services at PAHNT. So far, more than 11,800 people have signed up to become FT members.

To book your place contact Angela Greenwood, FT Membership Manager on 01706 517302 or email ft.membership@pat.nhs.uk