Knees up as physiotherapy class celebrates first birthday at North Manchester General Hospital

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Knees up as physiotherapy class celebrates first birthday at North Manchester General Hospital
25 August 2016

PATIENTS at a specialist physiotherapy class have had a knees-up celebrating its first birthday.

The patients are all part of the total knee class at North Manchester General Hospital which is an exercise group for patients who have undergone a total knee replacement.

It was set up one year ago with the objective of optimising the patient’s range of movement, strength, general fitness and mobility following such a big operation.

The class which is run by senior physiotherapist Denika Collier, junior physiotherapist Daniel Gustave and Mandy Walsh, physiotherapy assistant, is circuit based with 10 different stations focusing on lower limb strengthening exercises as well as balance, range of movement and gait re-education.

Patients are given a gym induction at their first class and taken through all the exercises by a member of the physiotherapy team. They then attend on a weekly basis for six weeks and exercise for at least 30-40 minutes in each session.

As the patients progress they are challenged with progressively harder exercises, adding light weights or resistance bands as the weeks go on. After a few sessions the patients are able to wean off their elbow crutches and report a big increase in function and ultimately confidence.

Denika Collier, senior physiotherapist at North Manchester General Hospital, said: “The class was set up as an addition to the traditional one-to-one physiotherapy sessions which we still offer to our patients. We listened to what our patients wanted and the class setting was the preferable choice which has seen some good outcomes in terms of return to function. Over 80% of patients achieve their goals within the first six weeks of attending the class.

“On average we see about 12-15 patients per session, with each of the patients getting regular reviews on their progress and any queries answered by one of the physiotherapists. The patients feel they are getting great advice as well as functional exercises and come back week after week delighted with their progress.

“Within our physiotherapy department we are always striving to provide the patients with effective, evidence based treatments which they will benefit from. The feedback from the patients has been excellent, with patients who have had previous surgeries preferring the group experience.”

Lewis Knagg from Chadderton (pictured) underwent a total knee replacement in January 2016. He said: “The class has been a great help in aiding my recovery after the surgery. I enjoyed attending the sessions each week and found the staff very friendly and helpful. As well as the exercises I got great advice about the recovery post knee replacement which helped put my mind at ease.”