Health leaders gather at Salford Royal for national #EndPJparalysis conference

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Health leaders gather at Salford Royal for national #EndPJparalysis conference
05 June 2018

THE Northern Care Alliance NHS Group welcomed health leaders from across the country today (5 June) to a conference at Salford Royal, where ideas and best practice were shared about how health care service providers can put an end to PJ Paralysis.

The Alliance is currently taking part in an #EndPJParalysis 70 Day Challenge (17 April to 26 June), which aims to get 1 million patients out of bed, dressed and mobile across the UK and Ireland.

So far nearly 19,000 patients have become mobile during the campaign, and 15,000 have got dressed whilst in our care. When compared to the national figures, our sites across the Group have contributed to approximately eight percent of the national data received to date.

#EndPJparalysis was devised by Prof Brian Dolan, Hon Prof of Leadership in Health Care at the University of Salford, as a mechanism for getting patients out of bed, up, dressed in their own clothes and moving about. It has been a huge success, with hospital Trusts up and down the country taking part, including our own.

Research shows that for every ten days of bed rest the equivalent of ten years of muscle ageing occurs in people over 80 years old. Building this muscle strength back up takes twice as long as it does to deteriorate.

At the conference, Elaine Inglesby-Burke CBE, Chief Nursing Officer at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, was joined by fellow speakers; Prof Brian Dolan; Prof Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer at NHS England; Margaret Rowe, Dean of the School of Health and Society at the University of Salford; and many other key healthcare figures.

Elaine Inglesby-Burke CBE told delegates how the Northern Care Alliance had embraced the #EndPJparalysis campaign across its Group, including at Salford Royal, The Royal Oldham, Fairfield General in Bury, Rochdale Infirmary and North Manchester General as well as in community services. The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group brings together over 17,000 staff from two Trusts, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

At the Alliance, Elaine Inglesby-Burke CBE and a team of quality improvement experts have devised a PJ Paralysis ‘Change Package,’ which has been successfully used to help the Group meet its target of engaging with 95 percent of wards at its five Care Organisations. To date 100 percent of wards have adopted the End PJ Paralysis methodology, successfully beating the target.

The PJ Paralysis Change Package is something that could be adopted by other Trusts wishing to achieve similar results. The contents include chapters about: social mealtimes, holding engaging activities, using the “what matters most to me today” approach, creating team awareness, creating public and patient awareness, and building End PJ Paralysis into everyday processes (including the Fit2Sit campaign).

Elaine Inglesby-Burke CBE, Chief Nursing Officer at The Northern Care Alliance said:

“This is one of the most important pieces of work for our organisation and I am proud that so many different teams across the Alliance have taken the social movement to heart. The enthusiasm of staff to improve patient experience has been infectious. When I visit our wards and areas I am constantly impressed with the creative ways in which staff are overcoming challenges to End PJ Paralysis and reduce the amount of precious time that patients spend in a healthcare setting.”

To find out more about the conference schedule please visit the University of Salford OneCPD website:

To read more about the Northern Care Alliance taking part in the national 70 Days to End PJ Paralysis campaign you can read our press release here:

Case study

Philip Hargreaves, a patient on AMU at The Royal Oldham Hospital said:

“Having spent time in hospital I couldn’t wait to get back to normal. Laying on a bed all day and staring at four walls and a ceiling drives you crazy. The minute I could get out of bed, get dressed and go to the toilet and bathroom to have a wash and shower I felt on top of the world. The nurses and staff on AMU at The Royal Oldham Hospital did their upmost to help me get mobile again and encouraged me, even if I felt I could not do it.” 

Pictured: Top - Prof Brian Dolan, Hon Prof of Leadership in Health Care at the University of Salford

Bottom - Health Care Assistant Lesley Noon with patient Philip Hargreaves