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Free public talk on 'End PJ Paralysis/Last 1000 days’ in hospitals
30 January 2018

On Tuesday 13th February 2018, The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust will be hosting a free talk for the public and members on the way ward staff are embracing the national ‘End PJ paralysis/Last 1000 days’ initiative to help patients recover quicker, regain their independence and to help patients return to normal routines for discharge out of hospital.

The aim of the learning collaborative is to reduce the use of pyjamas as a patient uniform within hospitals and healthcare settings.

The movement aims to shift culture among NHS staff, patients and their relatives so instead of patients being in pyjamas or a hospital gown, they are, where clinically appropriate, encouraged to get in their own clothes each day, just as they usually would at home.   Other activities to help to keep patients independent and improve their experience are also encouraged, for example, reassuring our patients to wash and dress independently, walk to the toilet, meals eaten whilst sitting in chairs or social dining settings.

Recent studies have shown that ten days in bed can lead to ten years of ageing in the muscles of people over the age of 80; however, the effects of deconditioning are not restricted to elderly patients.  Patients spending long periods in a hospital bed can also result in loss of confidence, inability to do everyday tasks and can put them at an increased risk of falls. Patients also become vulnerable to ‘Deconditioning Syndrome,’ which is often caused by inactivity and can result in incontinence and psychological dependence.

The ‘Last 1000 days’ element of the project is all about valuing the most important currency in healthcare: Patients time - time is precious, we can never get it back.  Despite the work of dedicated staff, patient’s time can often be wasted, for example; waiting for diagnostic tests, test results, referrals and appointments.    We want to reduce the amount of unnecessary delays in healthcare, to ensure that each day a patient spends in healthcare should contribute towards their speedy recovery and discharge.

Alison Schofield (QI Project Manager) at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group which oversees Salford Royal and Pennine Acute Trusts who will be giving the talk, said:

 “The End PJ Paralysis work has been the first Alliance wide Quality Improvement collaborative. The campaign was originally launched by Professor Brian Dolan and colleagues who highlighted the impact of patient’s well-being when waiting to leave hospital. Awareness events were held at sites across the Alliance and attended by colleagues from different roles and grades. There are so many different teams across the Alliance committed to this collaborative; all of which have demonstrated their enthusiasm with many tests of change by frontline staff to improve patient experience”. 

To date, 86 wards across the Alliance (Salford Royal and Pennine Acute Trusts), are engaged with the initiative.  Engagement with staff has been very good, with the majority of staff across the group’s five hospitals able to discuss what they have been doing in their ward or department areas, with some great learning being shared at well-attended events which were run through 2017. Patient focus groups have also been run to support feedback on the tests of change to improve patient care and to encourage readiness for discharge.Quoted by one of our Patient Group members following our recent Celebration event; “I was deeply moved and impressed by what I have seen and heard.  The enthusiasm of your teams and the hospital staff was infectious”

The talk will be held on Tuesday 13th February, 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm in Room D3, the Education Centre, Rochdale Infirmary, Whitehall Street, Rochdale, OL12 0NB

The event is free and is one of a series of ‘Medicine for Members’ events arranged to give the public and the Trust’s public members a greater insight into their local hospital and the services it provides. So far, more than 12,500 people have signed up to become Trust members. 

To book your place contact Angela Greenwood on 01706 517302 or email membership@pat.nhs.uk

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