Focus on dementia event – Antipsychotic prescribing talk on 6 April 2016

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Focus on dementia event – Antipsychotic prescribing talk on 6 April 2016
15 March 2016

MEMBERS of the public are being invited to attend a free health information talk about Dementia on Wednesday 6th April 2016, 2–3pm at the Education Centre, Fairfield General Hospital, Bury. 

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust in partnership with Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust will be hosting the event which will give an insight into one of the world’s most common illnesses.  

Dementia is a term which describes a syndrome which may be caused by a number of illnesses. It results in progressive decline in multiple areas of function, including memory function, communication and the ability to carry out daily activities (Department of Health (DOH) 2009). The two most common forms of dementia are Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.

With around 800,000 people in the UK affected by dementia, this figure is expected to rise over the coming years. One quarter of people accessing acute hospitals are likely to have dementia and the number with the condition is expected to double over the next 30 years (National Audit Office 2010).

The talk hosted by consultant psychiatrists Dr Udaya Gammanpila and Dr Anna Fryer from Pennine Care FT, and Janice McGrory, dementia nurse consultant from the Pennine Acute Trust, will give delegates the opportunity to find out more about dementia and the support available for these groups of patients in our hospitals and communities, including antipsychotic prescribing and other treatment options.

Dr Udaya Gammanpila, said:  “We are proud to be working together with Pennine Acute staff to improve dementia care and support at the Pennine Acute hospitals and community services.”

Lou Harkness-Hudson, clinical matron at Pennine Acute, will also showcase the Reminiscence Pods (Rempods) used at the Oasis Medical Unit for patients with dementia at Rochdale Infirmary.  These ‘pop up’ pods were first seen on the BBC TV programme Dragons’ Den.

Pop up RemPods (pictured) are helping to change the quality of life for people with dementia. The Oasis Unit has seven pods, which literally pop up reminiscence rooms, and work by turning any care space into a therapeutic and calming environment. All of the pods offer grounding and inner peace for people with dementia. They also help to re-live meaningful 'fun' activity and most importantly, build better care bonds between staff and patients.

The talk will be held on Wednesday 6th April, 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm at the Education Centre, Fairfield General Hospital, Bury.  

The event is free and open to the public, staff and the Pennine Acute Trust’s members. To book call 01706 517302 or email