Doctors and nurses focus on ‘The Perfect Week in Theatres’ at The Royal Oldham Hospital

Perfect week theatres
Doctors and nurses focus on ‘The Perfect Week in Theatres’ at The Royal Oldham Hospital
07 August 2015

DOCTORS, nurses and healthcare professionals working across The Royal Oldham Hospital are preparing for ‘The Perfect Week in Theatres’ – part of a national initiative to improve the quality of care and prevent avoidable delays and cancellations in surgery.

The initiative follows the success of the previous Perfect Week for Patients held in June, but this time focuses on the patient’s journey to the operating theatre for surgery, from booking and scheduling and pre-operative assessment through to admission to the ward, the operating theatre and recovery.

During the week that ends on 11th August, staff at all levels are encouraged to look at what the job they do and how it might be changed to improve the patient’s journey.

Dr Anton Sinniah, acting medical director at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “This approach had been developed by the NHS nationally and we have already seen how it can help us make lasting improvements to our services.

“Our priorities in theatre remain the same – to keep our patients safe and to make sure they get their surgery on time, without unnecessary delays or cancellations. But we can do this better by pooling the experience of all the staff involved in their care.”

Director of operations, Hugh Mullen, said: “We know from the previous Perfect Week at Oldham that there are always things we can do to improve services by identifying often simple changes in our systems that can make a big difference for patients.”

There are 162 operations carried out at The Royal Oldham Hospital every week, 25 as day cases, 55 elective inpatient operations and 82 emergencies. More than 100 people make up the surgical team – over 50 surgeons, 60 theatre nurses and 30 theatre support staff – and that doesn’t include the many other staff who contribute to the patient’s journey through hospital.

The Perfect Week for Patients begins on Wednesday, 5 August, at The Royal Oldham Infirmary with further weeks planned for Fairfield Hospital, Rochdale Infirmary and North Manchester General Hospital in August and September.