Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals focus on ‘The Perfect Week for Patients’ in Bury & Rochdale

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Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals focus on ‘The Perfect Week for Patients’ in Bury & Rochdale
24 June 2015

DOCTORS, nurses and healthcare professionals working across Fairfield Hospital and Rochdale Infirmary are getting ready for ‘The Perfect Week for Patients’ – part of a national initiative to improve the quality of care by solving the problems that can delay a patient’s journey from treatment to discharge.

For one week, every ward in the hospitals will have extra help to identify and overcome problems and to see what support is needed to smooth the patient pathway to ensure there are no delays.

Dr Anton Sinniah, acting medical director at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “This approach had been developed by the NHS nationally and may other trusts have used The Perfect Week idea to make long lasting improvements to their services.”

The Trust has experienced the same pressures as other hospitals with significant increases in the demand for hospital care. This has led to crowded A&E and assessment units, increased length of stay and cancellation of elective surgery.

At any one time there are 100 people in our hospitals who are medically fit but whose discharge is delayed for one reason or another.

The Perfect Week for Patients aims to address these issues by:

  • Ensuring that all patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time;
  • Improving the patient experience of health and social care by smoothing their journey through hospital and the local health and social care system;
  • Re-energising frontline staff by giving them the time and space to try new ideas and to identify their own solutions to overcome delays;
  • Working with primary, community and social care to improve patient flow and look at better ways of working together.

Director of Operations, Hugh Mullen, said: “By the end of each week we expect to see shorter waits in A&E and improved patient flow across our hospitals by discharging patients where it is safe to do so, freeing beds for other patients to be admitted.

“We will do this with the help of our partners in primary, community and social care and many of them will be joining us on the wards during The Perfect Week for Patients to see the issues first hand.

“The object is to find solutions to our shared problems that we can apply throughout the year for the benefit of our patients and their families.”

The Perfect Week for Patients begins on Wednesday 24 June and ends on Tuesday 30 June.