Cellular Pathology

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This service is provided at The Royal Oldham Hospital Central Laboratory and covers Histopathology, Non-Gynaecological Cytology, Cervical Cytology screening and the Mortuary Services. 

The staffing establishment in Cellular Pathology comprises sixteen Consultant Pathologists, a Discipline Lead, two Cytology Advanced Practitioners, two Technical Managers, seven Advanced Biomedical Scientists, fourteen Specialist and Newly Qualified Biomedical Scientists, twenty three Cytology Screeners, four Associate Practitioners and sixteen Biomedical Support Workers. 

The Cellular Pathology Department annually receives and processes 41,332 Histopathology requests; 6,927 Non-Gynaecological Cytology requests; and approximately 180,000 Cervical Cytology requests (including Greater Manchester Cervical Screening contract). The Mortuary services are housed in a new state of the art facility on the Oldham site, with storage available on the remaining three sites. The Mortuary has a Manager and is staffed by five technicians and two assistants.