Welcome to Voluntary Services

Voluntary Services is extremely popular, as it gives individuals, like you, the chance to become involved in your local community.

Our volunteers work alongside staff to improve and complement the range of services offered to our patients. We currently have over 500 registered volunteers ranging from the ages of 18-89 from various cultures and backgrounds.

We have numerous vacancies available, dependent upon the hospital site you are interested in volunteering at – please see current vacancies.  The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group covers Rochdale Infirmary, Fairfield Hospital (Bury), Oldham, North Manchester and Salford.

If your enquiry is for work experience (maximum 1 week mainly observational for 14-19 year olds to support their career decisions and/or applications for university) please note that this is different to volunteering and not managed by the Volunteer Service.

For work experience enquiries contact: workexperience@srft.nhs.uk

Volunteering Criteria

  • You are aged over 16 and have left school
  • You can offer a long term commitment of 6-12 months or more (we don’t offer short term placements).
  • Commit to a session (2-4 hours) at least once a week (max. 3 sessions per week)
  • Have good communication skills
  • Enjoy helping others and making a difference

The Benefits

  • Contributing to your local community
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Building your own self confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Utilising your existing skills and knowledge
  • Gaining an insight into how the NHS operates
  • Building your experience to support you to apply for paid work
  • Belonging to a worthwhile team

What we expect from you

  • You will need to attend a Corporate Welcome and complete 11 ELearning modules.

Current vacancies

Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation - Rochdale Infirmary

  • Oasis Unit – Dementia Unit
  • Wolstenholme – short term medical unit
  • Reception - welcoming and directing patients
  • Aroma Café – in the outpatients area
  • Maternity
  • Outpatient Department
  • Way finders – assisting patients/visitors find their way around the hospital site 

Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation - Fairfield Hospital, Bury

  • Acute Medical Unit
  • Accident & Emergency Department
  • Ward 5 – Stroke Ward
  • Ward 8 – Respiratory Ward
  • Ward 9 – Orthopaedics
  • Ward 11A/11B – Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Ward 14 – ENT
  • Ward 20/21 – Male and female medicine
  • Ward 24 – General medicine
  • Discharge lounge – helping patients to leave hospital
  • Reception – welcoming and directing patients
  • Way finders – helping patients/visitors find their way around the hospital site
  • Confectionary trolley
  • Outpatient Department

Oldham Care Organisation - Royal Oldham Hospital

  • Way finders – helping patients/visitors find their way around the hospital site
  • Accident & Emergency Dept.
  • Acute Medical Unit (AMU)
  • Maternity Unit
  • Chemotherapy Unit /Haematology ward
  • Children's Unit
  • Neonatal Unit (aged 18 plus)
  • Hospital Radio
  • Ward F7 – Respiratory
  • Ward F8 – Cardiology
  • Ward F9 – Complex Needs – Elderly care
  • Ward F10 – Diabetes
  • Ward F11 – Haematology Unit
  • Ward G1 - Discharge Lounge

North Manchester Care Organisation - North Manchester General Hospital

  • Pharmacy
  • Maternity
  • Reception – assisting patients/visitors find their way around the hospital site
  • Way finders - helping patients/visitors find their way around the hospital site
  • Cancer Services
  • End of Life Team
  • Macmillan
  • Neonatal Unit (18 years plus)
  • Children’s Unit (18 years plus)
  • Chaplaincy
  • Hand massage
  • Ward F3 – female surgical ward
  • Ward F5 – male surgical ward
  • Ward F6 – female surgical ward
  • Ward C3 – male surgical ward
  • Ward I5 – General Surgery

Salford – www.srft.nhs.uk


  • Tudour Court – Heywood – 24 bedded short term medical unit
  • Expert Patient Programme


If you’ve got a few spare hours each week (or more if you can commit) then we would love to hear from you. 

Download the application form here.

We look forward to receiving your application.