The Volunteer Service


The Volunteer Service provides an opportunity to our local citizens (by which we mean patients, carers, staff and members of the general public) to volunteer in many capacities within the organization by contributing their time, energies or talents that help to fulfil the organisations' vision of delivering an excellent patient experience. 

Our Volunteers play an important role within the hospital; they complement the work of staff and they enable us to enrich, improve and extend the range of services offered to patients and visitors.

Volunteering at the Trust is extremely popular with more than 600 volunteers already volunteer and support our organisation in over 40 different roles. Our volunteers are based in a variety of settings across the Trust such as:

  • Way finders – guiding patients and visitors around the hospital
  • Meet & Greet
  • Meal Support – assisting patients with food and drink
  • End of Life support
  • Macmillan Cancer support
  • Hand massage
  • Receptions
  • Chaplaincy & spiritual support
  • Tea bars and café
  • Refreshment trolleys around the wards
  • Administration
  • Patient representatives
  • Mini bus drivers and escorts
  • Patient surveyors
  • Hospital radio

Our volunteers are aged between 16-89 years old, from different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Volunteer at Pennine acute Hospitals

What are the benefits to volunteering at our Trust?

  • You can make a real difference to someone’s experience of hospital
  • You can contribute to your local community and hospital
  • You can build your confidence and interpersonal skills
  • You can meet new people and make new friends
  • You can utilising your existing work skills
  • You can improve your CV
  • You can gain an insight into the NHS

Who can volunteer at our Trust? 

  • Are you over 16 years old? and have left school ?
  • Can you attend regularly at the Trust at least for a minimum of 2 hours and offer a long term commitment of at least one year?
  • Do you enjoy helping others?
  • Do you have good communication Skills?

If you have answered yes to all of the above questions then you are eligible to apply to become a volunteer.

We are currently only recruiting for the following specific areas:

How Volunteering has helped me

I applied to become a volunteer for the NHS, I chose to do this to gain experience and insight into a care environment and also to make sure that a working in a hospital was something I would like to do in the future.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on the wards as a volunteer, and I feel really lucky that I was given this opportunity. The staff and patients were so appreciative of everything I did, this gave me great satisfaction I felt like I was making a difference. I developed new skills, which eventually lead me to an interview for a paid job role within the trust. I was successful with my application and feel so pleased that I have come this far. The first step I took was to volunteer and thanks to my volunteering I am now working as a health care support worker.
Rhia (26)

I love meeting different patients every week and doing my best to make it easier for both them and the nurses. It gives me an excellent knowledge about healthcare services and has enabled me to apply to get into medical school.
Genevieve (19)

I decided to become a volunteer to gain experience because i want to become a nurse. I've had the chance to observer nurses and other health colleagues and i've now got a place at university to start my nursing degree.
Emily (30)

I enjoy interacting with patients and helping to meeting their needs in what can be stressful experiences. I enjoyed being part of the  hospital team.
Christopher (58)