Why leave a legacy?

The Pennine Acute Hospitals Charity is committed to supporting the community services and acute hospitals that form The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.  By leaving a legacy to The Pennine Acute Hospitals Charity, you can help to make sure that we can continue to enhance the care and facilities the Trust are able to provide for patients across the North East sector of Manchester.

Legacies form a major share of charitable income to the NHS.  Every single gift is vital to the charity, and means that years from now, people in the community we serve will have the highest standards of care, in the best facilities using the best equipment.

That’s why by remembering The Pennine Acute Hospitals Charity in your will you will be doing something so valuable and very special.

We promise that your gift, however large or small, will be spent wisely and make a genuine difference to patients and our services.

We would always recommend that you speak to a qualified professional such as a solicitor, when making or amending your will.

To request information about remembering the charity in your will, please fill out the fields below and a member of our team will contact you directly.

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