How to Apply


Please note, recruitment for volunteer posts is closed until April 2018

How long does recruitment take?

The recruitment process takes approximately 6-12 weeks from initial application.  This can be further delayed by obtaining police clearance and references.


If you are shortlisted then you will be invited to attend a short interview to ascertain your intentions for wanting to become a volunteer and to discuss the options available to you.

Not every application is successful.  If you haven’t received any correspondence by email from the team within 6 weeks of your application submission date, then unfortunately you haven’t been selected for interview.  Due to the amount of applications received, we do not communicate with you directly to tell you that you have been unsuccessful. 

Initial Interview

If you have been shortlisted then you will be asked to attend for an interview with the Volunteer Team.  These interviews take place Monday to Friday and last for approximately 30 minutes.  This gives you the opportunity to find out more about the volunteer service.  At this interview you will be required to bring with you 3 forms of personal  identification to support your DBS check   These include either, passport, driving license, English birth certificate, mortgage statement, bank statement or a utility bill, for example a council tax bill or gas, water, electricity which must contain your address and be issued within 3 months .  We do not accept mobile phone bills. 

Compulsory checks

If you have a successful interview then there are a series of compulsory checks we need to undertake before clearance can be given for you to become a registered volunteer.  These are:

Police Check – Disclosure and Barring (DBS) - All volunteers are required to undergo a police check, the level of which (standard or an enhanced) will depend upon your volunteering role. When this check is complete the certificate will be sent to your registered address. We do not receive a copy of this so you will need to provide us with a copy for our records. You will need to contact us to arrange this.  We are unable to accept a DBS certificate from any other organisation.

Occupational Health Screening – All volunteers need to undergo an occupational health screening. You will be asked to complete screening forms which are then sent to the occupational health team. The team will assess this information and will invite you to attend a New Starter appointment.

At this appointment they will assess your immunisation history and may take a series of blood samples to check your immunisation levels.  Following this they may offer you immunisations that are required for volunteering in a health care setting.  Occupational health departments are open Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.  If you fail to attend the occupational health assessment then you will be unable to volunteer.

References – We will ask you to provide us with two references on your application form.  These should not be family members or close friends.  Ideally they should be someone who knows you in a professional capacity, such as an employer, teacher, tutor, GP, or other health professional.  We will send for these references if you are successful at interview.

Induction Training

All successful volunteers are required to attend a Trust welcome event to complete some mandatory training. Additionally as part of this induction process you will also be required to complete an E-Learning programme.  You will not be able to start volunteering until you have completed all your induction training.

Local induction

Only when all the recruitment checks and induction training have been undertaken will you be invited to meet with a member of the Volunteers Services Team.  It is at this stage when you will be issued with a uniform, ID badge and parking permit (if required).  You will then be allocated an area to start your volunteering role.