Frequently Asked Questions


How soon will I be able to volunteer?

The recruitment process is between 6-12 weeks and all volunteers have to complete a full circle of recruitment such as a group interview, DBS check, 2 references, Occupational health assessment and an induction training day.

How often do I need to volunteer?

We ask volunteers to offer a regular commitment so that they can become part of our team and both the volunteer and the organisation can mutually benefit. Most volunteers come weekly for 2-3 hours however some volunteers are able to commit to more time and are able to volunteer 2-3 times a week.

What skills and experience do I need?

That depends upon the role that you want to do within the organisation; however good communication skills, reliability and a good positive attitude are a must to be a volunteer.  

I’m free to volunteer in the school/college holidays, Can I volunteer?

We expect a minimum commitment of one year from people who apply to be a volunteer. We don’t offer short term volunteering because of the time it takes to complete the recruitment and the financial impact.

Do I wear a uniform?

Volunteers are issued with a polo shirt and a Trust ID badge, volunteers are asked to a pay a £10 deposit before they start their volunteering.

Can you provide me with a reference?

Unfortunately we can’t provide you with a personal character reference; however, we can provide a statement that you are a volunteer with your start date and which area, and how many hours you have volunteered for.

I need a placement for my college course can I volunteer?

Volunteering is not a work experience placement, volunteering is a long term commitment and it is volunteering your time to benefit patients not to gain work experience. For information on work experience placements, click here.

I want to Shadow a nurse or a doctor, Is this possible?

Volunteering does not offer this, the trust does offer short term clinical insight to students planning a pursue a career in healthcare.