Group Shadow Council of Governors

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Jim potter

Jim Potter - Chairman

Group Committees in Common (CiC) 

From 1 April 2017, the Trust Boards of both organisations at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Pennine Acute Trust have delegated their functions to a Group "Committees in Common”

While the two Trusts will remain statutory bodies, the Group Committees in Common (CiC) will effectively manage both Trusts.

The Group CiC will meet monthly, a minimum of 10 months a year, and be held in public. The Group CiC comprises the Chairman and six Non-Executive Directors, along with six Executive Directors who are responsible for Group leadership roles spanning both Trusts - Chief Executive, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Strategy and Organisational Development Officer and Chief Delivery Officer. The Chief Officers of our Care Organisations for Salford, Oldham, Bury/Rochdale and North Manchester are members of the CiC in a non-voting capacity.

The new leadership team will ensure healthcare services are clinically and financially sustainable across a number of localities. This will mean that patients, no matter where they are treated in Group, will experience personalised care that is based on need.

Committees in Common Executive Directors and Non-exec Directors

Group Council of Governors - Elections


As part of our exciting work with Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust to create a Group, Salford Royal's Council of Governors spent time thinking about how the public and staff members and communities of both organisations could be represented, and ready itself for the eventual creation of a Group Council of Governors. In March 2017, Salford Royal's Council of Governors approved bold changes to its own composition; and agreed to establish a subcommittee of the Salford Royal Council of Governors, to be known as the Shadow Group Council of Governors Committee. This committee would comprise of all Salford Royal Governors and newly elected Shadow Governors from the Pennine constituencies.

From 1st April 2017, Salford Royal’s Council of Governors will be made up of:


The Shadow Group Council of Governors Committee will include all the Salford Royal Governors along with:

Role of a Governor

Governors are either elected by the public, patients and staff or nominated by one of the partner organisations, such as a primary care trust.  The governors will attend meetings of the Council of Governors and advise on strategic issues such as the development of new healthcare services. Governors also have an important role in liaising with the wider membership and ensuring their views are reflected at meetings.

Experience required

You don't need any special experience or qualifications to be a governor. You do need to be enthusiastic and willing to represent not just your own views, but also the views of the people in your community or staff group.
Elections to the council of governors will take place annually and governors will generally hold office for a period of two or three years after which time they will be eligible for re-election or re-appointment.

Can you fill an empty seat?

We will be holding elections soon. Why not think about standing?

Our Group of hospitals (Salford Royal and Pennine Acute Trust) are seeking dedicated public and staff members with passion for health and social care to join its Council of Governors.

The first step in putting the new arrangements into practice is to hold elections for Salford Royal's Council of Governors (where required) and all Shadow Governors from across Pennine Acute Trust’s communities including Bury, Oldham, North Manchester, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale.

As a Governor you will play a hugely important role in making sure that services continue to improve for your friends, family and neighbours. It is not a political role or a role for individual gain but an opportunity to work for the community and positively contribute to the improvement of a local health and social care system.

Over the forthcoming months you will receive further information about the role, responsibilities and commitments of being a Governor or Shadow Governor, and the elections taking place, including how to stand and key dates.

Nominations for the Governor elections are now open for all local areas and communities served by the hospitals run by the Group Committees in Common (CiC) for Salford Royal and Pennine Acute Trust.

Nominations will close at 5pm on 3rd August 2017.  Click here for more information or to submit a nomination form to become a Governor.