Dementia Carers' Survey

Dementia survey

The Trust  recognises that carers and relatives play a vital role in the care of patients with dementia and is committed to improving how we work with and support carers of our patients.

This survey is about your experience of the support that was provided to you. Please answer all questions

Your responses will be treated confidentially and will be used to improve how we work in partnership with carers.

Are you a carer for a patient with dementia?
When was the person with dementia that you cared for last in hospital?
Which hospital was that?
Whilst your relative was in hospital how supported have you felt by the hospital?
During hospitalisation did staff ask you for your input?
Were you provided with a document called “This is Me” to complete about the person you care for?
If you needed to visit outside the normal visiting hours to support your relative on the ward, were you able to?
How often were you updated about the medical treatment of the person with dementia that you care for?
Were you involved in the discharge planning process for the person with dementia that you care for?
Were you given written information about organisations representing people with dementia, during the admission?
Were you able to find someone to discuss your worries and fears with?
Do you feel that the staff on the ward where the person with dementia stayed had an understanding of dementia?