Pay and Protection


Pay-Related Information – 2016 T&Cs

We are currently in the process of assessing pay protection eligibility for those Trainees transitioning onto the 2016 TCS in December 2016 (Foundation Trainees) and February 2017 (the first of our CT/ST Trainees).  Trainees receiving their rotation information will also be sent the Generic Work Schedule for the rota they are going to be placed on and, upon commencement in post and within 2 weeks, should then meet with their Educational Supervisor to personalise their schedule.

Note: The TCS definition of educational supervisor includes approved clinical supervisors in GP practice placements.

The Generic Work Schedule (GWS) then feeds into ESR, the Electronic Staff Record System that holds your personal information, to place you onto the correct Nodal Pay Point (see pay and conditions circular (M&D) 2/2016) and to add the relevant pay details, such as frequency of weekend work, on-call payments, pay for evenings/nights and, if eligible, any pay premia due to certain Specialties.                     

Pay FAQs for Foundation Trainees                             

FAQs for core and specialty Trainees

Transitional Pay Protection Eligibility Tool

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