Need help?

The Clinical Librarians will help you with your research and carry out a literature search for you, providing with you abstracts and links to journal articles and additional information to reports/guidance/books that will help with your assignment.  

You can fill in an online form (click on the icon above), providing as much detailed information on your search:


Alternatively, you can fill in a form in the library and talk to a librarian about your search.  


Please allow at least 96 hours for the search to be carried out.  


Here are some examples of recent searches carried out by the Clinical Librarians service: 


  • Advantage and disadvantage of using the behaviourist and cognitive theory in mentoring


  • What can happen if a mentor is not motivated to teach student nurses


  • How mentors deal with failing students


  • Mentoring – time constraints


  • Mentoring – what are the benefits to the organisation


  • Mentoring midwives


  • Learning styles of student nurses


  • Mentoring and the Lewins Model of Change