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Library Survey (14/07/2017)


If you have used our library services recently, we would be very grateful if you could spare 5 minutes to let us know how this has helped you.  This will enable us to measure the value and impact of our service.


Please click here to answer a short survey.  Responses are anonymous unless you choose to enter your contact details.




Meet your team (4th April 2017)





Over the last 4 months we have seen some changes to our Library team. Jane Roberts has joined us in December from Salford Royal and Graeme Tierney has left Fairfield to join Whittington Hospital in London.

One of our new features on the website is meet the team - go and check out our staff and see how they can help you today - click here

Library Achieves 94% compliance in LQAF (December 9th 2016)


The library service received a rating of 94% in their annual LQAF assessment

The Framework enables a robust quality assessment of library/knowledge services so that an organisation can assess its level of compliance to national standards and demonstrate the fitness for purpose that our 21st century health system demands. It provides a clear focus for action planning across all NHS organizations, driving forward a quality improvement plan, offering clarity of direction for service managers and transparency of development to meet business and client need.

Self-assessment against the criteria of the standards within the LQAF will enable each library/knowledge service to identify any gaps in their service management and provision so that these requirements can be built into their business and service planning.