Cycle to Work Scheme


Cycle to Work Scheme: Our New Provider 

Cycling is a great way to travel to and from work. It's quick, easy, convenient, great for the environment and great for you!

The benefit is provided by Cycle Solutions, one of the UK's leading providers of the Cycle to Work scheme. Cycle Solutions carry the UK’s widest choice of bikes with over 550 cycling brands available to you through the scheme meaning you'll be able to build the perfect Cycle to Work package to give you access to a healthy and more active lifestyle.

If you're not sure what's best for you, Cycle Solutions have in-house bike experts to discuss your needs, on the phone or through the live chat function on the website.

You can typically save either 38% (lower rate tax payers) or 48% (higher rate tax payers) through the Cycle to Work scheme. With the package costs recovered from your gross pay via salary sacrifice, you make savings through your Tax and NI contributions.

Benefits of the scheme

The main benefits of joining this scheme are:

  • A 10% discount from the retail price of most bicycles and safety equipment
  • Additional income tax and National Insurance savings can lead to savings of up to 42% off the shop floor price of the bike and accessories
  • Choose from the widest range of bicycles available in the UK Cycle Solutions will provide an 18 month warranty (instead of the usual 12-month cover)
  • Spread the cost of your bike and accessories
  • No finance charges
  • Enjoy the health benefits of a more active lifestyle
  • Make your salary go further each month

How do you take advantage of the benefit?

To access your Cycle to Work scheme shop - visit