Completing V-Care

You will be required to complete the assessment component for each module and achieve a pass rate of 90% for each module. If you do not achieve the required pass rate you will need to re-take the assessment items you were unsuccessful in for the 1st attempt.  We recommend that you allow yourself at least a couple of weeks between your 1st and 2nd attempts to enable you to have time to use the learning resources within the programme.

A NMC reflective accounts form has been included for you to reflect on your CPD and/or practice related feedback and/or event or experience in your practice and how this relates to the Code. 

If on your 2nd attempt you do not achieve a pass of 90% you will need support in the subjects you are finding difficult before you attempt the assessment for the 3rd time.

You may choose to seek support from one or more of the following people:

  • line manager,
  • preceptor,
  • clinical supervisor,
  • and subject matter experts.

If you are unsuccessful on your 3rd attempt your line manager will be notified and you will be supported to develop a learning plan to address knowledge deficits and subsequent re-testing.