Corporate Priorities/Vision & Values

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be:

'A leading provider of joined up healthcare that will support every person who needs our services, whether in or out of hospital to achieve their fullest health potential.'

Our Values

Our Values guide every action we take.  They determine how we work and the promise we make to our patients, their families, the public and each other as colleagues.

We are: Quality Driven, Responsible, Compassionate.

Our Corporate Priorities for 2016/17 are:

  1. Pursue quality improvement to assure safe, reliable and compassionate care
  2. Deliver financial plan to assure sustainability
  3. Support our staff to deliver high performance & improvement
  4. Improve care and services through integration and collaboration
  5. Demonstrate compliance with mandatory standards

Our Strategic Goals for 2016/17 are:

  • To provide excellent care to our patients in our hospitals and community services.
  • To work with our partners and local people to build resilient and sustainable local services for the communities we serve.
  • To support our staff to provide the best care by developing their skills and nurturing their talent.
  • To support ‘values-based’ leadership which role models the behaviours we expect from everyone.
  • To achieve high reliability and high performance across all of our services.
  • To deliver strong productivity which will assure financial sustainability

Pennine Improvement Plan - Quality and Safety Improvements

Our Pennine Improvement Plan that was developed and published last year sets out the necessary improvements that are needed so that patients can receive safe, reliable, compassionate and high quality care whatever day of the week, whatever time, and whether in or out of hospital. The improvement actions are themed across six key areas:

  • To improve Fragile Services; Urgent Care, Maternity, Paediatrics, Critical care
  • To improve Quality; Quality Improvement Strategy, NASS, Improve Safety, Effectiveness, Patient Experience
  • To improve Risk & Governance; learn from incidents, complaints, Inquests
  • To improve Operations & Performance; patient flow, SAFER model, data quality
  • To improve Workforce and Safe Staffing; recruitment & retention, reduce staff sickness absence
  • To improve Leadership and Strategic Relations; Site-based leadership; safety walk-rounds, “walk-withs”

Download our Improvement Plan